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Wolves of Morai

A Warrior's Fate


Unforgettable, seductive, and action-packed, A Warrior's Fate is an addictive twist on shifter romance, perfect for fans of captivating, swoonworthy fantasy.

The goddess, Fate, must enjoy playing with the mortals. For why else would she choose the most important night of Isla’s life to place her soulmate on her path?

On the night she’s to enter the Hunt, a perilous trial to earn her title of warrior, Isla meets her fated mate. Handsome, arrogant, and frustratingly captivating, Kai is everything she could want, but nowhere near what she needs right now. Because he is the king of the enigmatic Deimos…which makes Isla their rightful queen.

She’s always been taught that the destined mate bond is sacred, a connection between two souls crafted by the goddesses themselves. But she can’t find any sense in leaving everything she loves to live at Kai’s side, even if the mere sight of him sets her soul on fire. She does not love him. She does not know him. Blinding desire is not enough to abandon all she’s ever known, dreamed, and worked for. Lucky for her, then, that Kai seeks to defy their “destiny” as she does.

After agreeing to ignore their bond, the two are determined to go their separate ways. Too bad Fate won’t go down without a fight. For when Isla is victorious and achieves her warrior status, her first assignment is in the very land she wishes to avoid—Deimos. And Kai and temptation aren't all that await her. Something wicked dwells in the shadows of his kingdom...and it's coming for them both.



Natural-born enemies, reluctant acquaintances, and one-time lovers—Adrien and Raana swore they’d never succumb to each other again. But what happens when he goes to her with another request from the Imperial Alpha?

Set between A Warrior’s Fate and the upcoming A Queen’s Shadow, Of the Dark Moon is a novella following the budding star-crossed romance of Adrien and Raana, the prince of wolf shifters and the witch born with a shadowy secret. Filled with forbidden passion and unearthed secrets, explore new facets of this lush world in this new installment of the Wolves of Morai series.

This novella will be filled with spoilers for A Warrior’s Fate…and also some exciting new developments leading into A Queen’s Shadow.


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